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Experts on call

Would you like to work for us as a psychiatrist? SOS AERZTE is regularly called upon to provide psychiatric care as well as scheduled health care services. Our work in this area is flexible and highly varied. You can also opt to work as a doctor on call.

Your daily work – report by Gieri Maissen

You provide general medical care on behalf of SOS AERZTE, making calls to patients wherever they need you. These calls can be emergency calls or scheduled.

Your work is highly team-based, and involves collaboration with emergency services, law enforcement services, local authorities, medical institutes and other organisations, as well as maintaining close contact with the doctors leading our response assignments. All administrative work is assumed by our back office staff.

What we offer

Would you like to work full-time, part-time or only on specific days? SOS AERZTE affords you the flexibility you need. We offer accommodation close to our operations centre, which is available for individual overnight stays or for assignments lasting several days.

We also offer interesting project management and medical team management roles to staff who have been with us for longer periods. A one-year period working for us will count towards your specialisation as an internist, or count to your one-year period spent working in a medical field other than the one you intend to specialise in.

We believe in promoting individual development, and as such encourage case-based learning and close contact with the doctors leading our response assignments.

Case spectrum

See doctor on call and read the case spectrum there.

Your qualifications

The cases dealt with by SOS AERZTE are extremely varied. Working for us therefore requires openness, equanimity and flexibility. Because you will work at various locations, you will need to adapt to the different circumstances you encounter, and to do so unwaveringly, exhibiting pragmatism and target-orientation. You will also need to have two years of clinic experience under your belt as well as a valid driving licence. And, of course, you will need to enjoy providing pre-clinical psychiatric care.


Would you like to work for us? Join us and embark on an exciting career with an organisation dedicated to providing emergency health care services. Contact us by email: or call us at this number: 044 360 44 10.




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