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We provide you with highly competent medical staff to suit your needs.

SOS AERZTE offers your organisation comprehensive, flexible staffing services. Our doctors are able to adapt to your internal procedures, and can be on-site within no time. Providing expert support and workload relief.


SOS AERZTE supports your organisation as an external partner, assisting you with tasks such as consultation hours and medical assessments. Our comprehensive medical expertise is available in Zurich and the surrounding cantons. With no long waiting times and no need to tie up resources unnecessarily. By telephone or on-site.


SOS AERZTE’s specialist staff are highly versatile. We can offer consultation hours within your organisation or provide staff in order to supplement your own medical services. Tailored to your specific needs.

For example, you want to close staffing gaps or relieve the burden on your medical staff during off-peak periods. In such circumstances, we can provide you with a personalised team of doctors who are familiar with your organisation and who continually inform each other. We also offer you around-the-clock access to our call centre, which serves as your central point of contact. Here, too, you will have a direct line to the specialists responsible for your organisation.

An overview of our services:

  • SOS AERZTE can conduct consultations at your health care organisation (e.g. retirement home or nursing home)
  • SOS AERZTE can also conduct consultations at your internationally operating company (e.g. travel insurance company or airline)
  • SOS AERZTE relieves the burden on your medical services
  • SOS AERZTE supports and supplements your medical services during unstaffed periods
  • SOS AERZTE can be commissioned to provide consultation hours in prisons
  • SOS AERZTE offers you an exclusive partnership – enabling you to call our staff when you need them

Are you interested in using our services?

Is your organisation in need of medical expertise or services?

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